Economic Development Committee

Dissolved pursuant to Ordinance #2015-7 adopted 4/22/2015
Planning Board

William Richardson, Jr Mayor
Salvatore N. Russomano Township Official
Thomas Giangiulio, Jr. Township Committee Member
Jon Becker Resident Member
Kenneth Mauriello Resident Member
Lynn Ferguson Resident Member
Michael Achey Resident Member
Roseanna Lles Resident Member
Ralph Condo Resident Member
Paul Hanna Resident Alternate #1
John Howarth Resident Alternate #2
Edward Toussaint Director Community Development
Dr. Rita Hanna Recording Secretary
Recreation Advisory Committee

Ralph Ferguson Township Committee Liaison
Albert Borrelli Resident Member
David Baines Resident Member
William Hurley Resident Member
Kenneth Mauriello Resident Member
Michael Haines Resident Member
John McGrath Resident Member
Mike Schaeffer Resident Member
VACANT Alternate #1
VACANT Alternate #2
Environmental Commission

The W.T.E.C. was created for the protection, development or use of the natural environmental resources of Waterford Township. Its mission includes fostering environmental awareness, along with an understanding and appreciation of protecting and sustaining our municipality’s abundant natural resources in the hope of enhancing the quality of life for our residents. Our goals are to always advocate for the long term protection of Waterford Township’s ecological resources, to support the Township’s pursuit of sustainability of such resources, and to be an environmental educational resource for all. The Waterford Township Environmental commission uses information that it gathers from wide range of sources to inform the governing body and the Township residents of environmental issues, laws, and programs important to Waterford Township.

David Chiddenton Member - Chairman
Charles Damiani Member - Vice Chariman
Dennis LaMagna Member - Recording Secretary
Salvatore Russomanno Member
Arthur Shaw Member
Terri Chiddenton Member - Clean Communities Coordinator
Craig Buffington Member
  Member - Alternate #1
Edward Paul Member - Alternate #2
Alphons Campbell Township Commmittee Liaison
Library Board

Carl Lange Resident Member
Francine Grubb Resident Member
Kathleen Banes Resident Member - President
Dr. Rita Hanna Resident Member
Nancy Healey Resident Member - Vice President
Maria Yeatman Resident Member
Rita Wood Resident Member
William Richardson, Jr. Mayor (Statutory Appointment)
Dan Fox Acting Supt. of Schools (Statutory Appointment)
Brenda Harring-Marro School Alternate
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