Please remember that some of the shelters only hold your animal for 7 days so the faster you take action the quicker you can be reunited with your pet.

Contact your local Police Department @ the NON-EMERGENCY# (856)783-4900 to file a report in the event they receive notification of a found pet.

Waterford Township is currently utilizing Shore Animal Control (1-800-351-1822) as our Animal Control officials and the shelter we are utilizing is Cumberland County SPCA Animal Shelter (856)691-1500. Be sure to contact them to file a report and continue to call on a daily basis. Make a trip to all of the shelters as your description of your pet may vary to the person on the other end of the phone. (example: you describe your pet as a shepherd/husky mix as you think he/she looks more like a shepherd but the shelter may think it looks more like a husky stating "No, your dog is not here.") Visit the shelters and check for yourself. Shelter locations in southern New Jersey can be found online and in the telephone directory.

Visit social media but do such carefully. Post a clear picture of your lost/found animal stating the town you lost/found the animal and include a contact email only so your personal address is not available to the public.

Post flyers at local grocery stores, pet stores and vet offices.

Inform your mailman as they drive around the area all day and may see something to report.

Walk your neighborhood. If you have another pet in the house, leash it and walk it around the neighborhood as the lost pet may feel more comfortable coming out around another animal rather than a human.

Place a sign on your lawn as the more people that see the sign, the more people that can help locate your missing pet.

Micro Chip your pet. Local shelters generally perform this at a reduced rate and your local vet provides the service as well.

Make sure you have a collar on your pet with the dog license and rabies tags attached.

Sometimes the tags may fall off so use a sharpie marker to write your telephone number on the inside of the collar.
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