Office of the Township Clerk & Registrar of Vital Statistics

building 2131 Auburn Avenue
Atco, NJ 08004
staff Township Clerk & Registrar
Lori Friddell

Deputy Clerk & Deputy Registrar
Dawn Liedtka
clock icon Monday - Friday : 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
email icon Phone: (856) 768 - 2300 ext. 272
Fax: (856) 768 - 1703
email icon email township clerk

The Township Clerk serves as
  • Yellow Ball   Secretary of the Municipal Corporation and Governing Body

  • Yellow Ball   Custodian of Public Records

  • Yellow Ball   Local Elections Administrator

  • Yellow Ball   Registrar of Vital Statistics

The Clerk’s Office fulfills many important public service duties such as
  • Yellow Ball   (ABC) Liquor Licensing

  • Yellow Ball   Bingo / Raffle Licensing

  • Yellow Ball   Business Registration - Application Form

  • Yellow Ball   Dog Licensing - Application Form

  • Yellow Ball   Domestic Partnership Registration

  • Yellow Ball   Voter Registration & Election Certification

  • Yellow Ball   Landlord Registration - view form

  • Yellow Ball   Peddlers / Solicitors / Seasonal Sales Licensing

  • Yellow Ball   Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Requests - Application Form

  • Yellow Ball   Public Records Storage & Archival

  • Yellow Ball   Birth / Marriage / Death Certifications - Application Form

  • Yellow Ball   Marriage/Civil Union License Applications & Certifications - Application Form

  • Yellow Ball   Yard Sale Permit Application - Submit Electronically
As Secretary to the Municipal Corporation and Township Governing Body

The Clerk’s office is the custodian of the municipal seal; records and maintains custody of all minutes, bonds, contracts; archives all records and documents; accepts applications for licenses and registrations; issues search certificates; and administrative assistant to the governing body.
As Custodian of Public Records

The Clerk is required to manage, store and preserve all public documents in accordance with NJ State law and must supply copies of such documents upon request in compliance with the Open Public Records Act (OPRA). The Clerk is the first contact to assist with any questions about the Township or direction to the appropriate Township Official or Department. In order to obtain copies of any public records you must submit an OPRA REQUEST FORM via USPS mail, fax or email
As Registrar of Vital Statistics

The Clerk's office accepts vital statistics applications and requests for certified records Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm. You may obtain Certified Copies of Vital Records for events that occurred in Waterford Township by submitting a VITAL RECORDS REQUEST FORM to the Clerk’s office in person, via USPS mail or email Applications for Marriage / Civil Union must be submitted in person with witness present at the Registrar in the Clerk’s Office. You may complete the MARRIAGE / CIVIL UNION APPLICATION FORM excluding all signatures for presentation to the Registrar for validation of ID and signatures.

The Municipal Court Judge is authorized to perform ceremonies to solemnize marriages/civil unions. You must complete the CEREMONY REQUEST FORM and return it to the Court Clerk Office located in the Municipal Building in person, via fax (856)753-4336 or email to Also, the Mayor of Waterford Township is authorized to solemnize marriages / civil unions and may be reached through the Township Clerk’s office in person, telephone or email  to verify availability and scheduling.

Also, please note - Effective December 31, 2005, Contractors' Licenses are required through the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. Individuals may obtain information on how to obtain a Contractors' License at or by telephone at (973) 504-6200, Consumer Hotline (toll-free for NJ residents only) (800) 242-5846 and by Fax (973) 273-8035.
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