Fellow Residents of Waterford Township,
I would like to express my wish that everyone has a blessed and safe Passover or Easter celebration. Please make every effort to celebrate in your own home and refrain from inviting friends and relatives to join you or gathering at a public place of worship. On this coming Sunday (4/12) at 10AM, I would ask that everyone spend 5 minutes in reflection or prayer for the families of those who have lost their lives or have become ill from this terrible virus and for the many caregivers who are risking their lives to help everyone. Our Township churches will be ringing their bells or performing a special announcement or prayer at that time. Again - please join in this remembrance from the safety of your home. Waterford as of this Friday (4/10/20), has a total of 12 reported ’positive cases’ of citizens who have been infected with the COVID-19 virus. Again, due to our early and steadfast closure of our township’s public spaces and meeting areas, our numbers continue to be lower than many of our surrounding towns. In these trying times, everyone needs to support the Governor’s directive of ’Staying at Home’ and adhering to social distancing practices. These are truly the best weapons we have as citizens to fight this terrible pandemic. Additionally, please remember to wash your hands, disinfect surfaces frequently and if you have to go out into a public area, wear a mask or face covering. Wash your hands again with soap and water or use high alcohol content hand sanitizer once you return home. Then disinfect your mask or face covering before allowing it to dry and storing it away in a plastic bag. Remember – NEVER share your mask or face covering with anyone else. Although up north, there is some indication that the spread of the disease is slowing, now is NOT the time to recklessly start going out into public areas or stop washing our hands and PPE. PLEASE – continue to follow these practices until such time that the Governor lifts his bans and our Township officials alert you that it is finally safe to loosen our restrictions.
I hope each of you safely enjoy your Easter or Passover celebrations,
Mayor Rick Yeatman

Fellow Residents,
The COVID-19 virus response is rapidly changing. First and foremost - please remain calm and stay at home as much as possible. Wherever you are practice social distancing (keeping a minimum of 6 feet between yourself and others). As of Monday 3/16 here is what our Township Committee and officials have done to reduce your potential exposure to this virus.
1) We have requested our local businesses and volunteer organizations to cancel upcoming group events.
2) Our Court sessions will be suspended until further notice.
3) Our Schools will be closed at least until April 17th. Students will be offered on-line learning services. Hammonton (our receiving district) schools will be close until the end of March. Further information to follow.
4) We are closing our Library, Senior Citizen Center and all recreational fields and playgrounds until further notice.
5) We will be limiting public access to our Township Municipal building. If it is important that you meet with someone - Please call (856) 768-2300 ext. 272 to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, please correspond with us by phone, email or postal services. If you wish to pay your sewer, water or tax bill, there is a drop off mail slot on the outside of the building´s vestibule.
6) Our Township employees have been instructed in exposure control practices including the use of protective equipment and the practice of social distancing. They are encouraged to work from home whenever possible.
7) We request that you do not attend our open township meetings but encourage the public to view the proceedings over our live stream webcast through our website ­
8) We opening up our Convenience Center to residents only at the WTDPW on Burnt Mill Road for trash drop-off between the hours of 9AM to 3PM Monday through Friday. It will be closed over the weekends. Please call (856) 768-2300 Ext. 220 or 272 to make an appointment. Contractor trash is not allowed.
Additional information and announcements can be found on our Facebook page or our website as this situation continues to evolve.
The more we reduce contact with others the better chance that we will all stay healthy. Routinely call or check in with your family and friends, especially our elderly or ill citizens. If you must travel out ­ consolidate your trips into a few locations as possible.
If an emergency arises ­ calling 911 is always advisable, however non-emergency Police, Fire or EMS calls can be handled by calling (856) 783-4900 during normal business hours. We will continue to work with our local, state and federal partners to respond to this situation we will keep you informed. Whenever possible - Please attempt to stay home, limit your contact with others, wash your hands frequently and stay healthy. If you are experiencing any symptoms such as shortness of breath, fever or repeated coughing call, your physician or medical emergency facility first, before traveling there.
Mayor Rick Yeatman, Sr. .