Boards, Commissions & Committees

Planning Board

Andrew WadeClass I – Mayor
Michael WardClass II – Township Official
Rick YeatmanClass III – Township Committee Member
Jon BeckerClass IV – Resident Member
Kenneth MaurielloClass IV – Resident Member
Paul HannaClass IV – Resident Member
Jody CioccoClass IV – Resident Member
John HowarthClass IV – Resident Member
Joseph NarcisoClass IV – Resident Member
Edward YucisClass IV – Resident Alternate #1
Anthony ZitoClass IV – Resident Alternate #2
Stephen Boraske, Esq.Solicitor – Planning Board
Key EngineersEngineer – Planning Board
Debora SimoneLand Use Board Administrator

Recreation Advisory Committee

Albert Borrelli, Jr.Member
Francis CampbellMember
Brian KrausMember
Randy BillMember
Andrew MickusMember
Jody CioccoMember
William WattsMember
VACANTAlternate #1
VACANTAlternate #2
Rick YeatmanTownship Committee Liaison

Environmental Commission

The W.T.E.C. was created for the protection, development or use of the natural environmental resources of Waterford Township. Its mission includes fostering environmental awareness, along with an understanding and appreciation of protecting and sustaining our municipality’s abundant natural resources in the hope of enhancing the quality of life for our residents. Our goals are to always advocate for the long term protection of Waterford Township’s ecological resources, to support the Township’s pursuit of sustainability of such resources, and to be an environmental educational resource for all. The Waterford Township Environmental commission uses information that it gathers from wide range of sources to inform the governing body and the Township residents of environmental issues, laws, and programs important to Waterford Township.

Ed PaulMember – Chairman
Mike WardMember 
Patricia A. ButenisMember – Recording Secretary
Terry CiarlanteMember
Gabrielle DesorteMember
Arthur ShawMember
Harleigh PinoMember
Kelly AndrewsMember – Alternate #1
 Member – Alternate #2
Rick YeatmanTownship Committee Liaison
Rich CasianGreen Team Member
Craig BuffingtonGreen Team Member

Library Board

Kathleen BanesMember – President
Joel Thompson (unexpired term of Nancy Healy)Member – Vice President
Dorene SzekerMember
Francine GrubbMember – Secretary
Carl LangeMember
Joseph PalladinoMember
Rita WoodMember
Andrew WadeMayor (Statutory)
Dr. Rita HannaMayor’s Alternate
Dr. Brenda Harring-MarroSuperintendent of Schools (Statutory)
Julie LyonsSuperintendent Alternate

Wildfire Safety Board

Class A Member –

Fire Chief of Designee

Lee Recchia


Class B Member –

OEM Dep Coordinator

Dave Chiddenton



Firewise Communities

Charles Damiani


Ready, Set, Go Program

Ed Paul


Fran Campbell


Richard Beswick

Member Alternate

Joseph McMenamin

Member Alternate

Clifford Demo

Township Committee Liaison

Howard Wilson


Charles Damiani

2131 Auburn Avenue
Atco, NJ 08004
Phone: (856) 768-2300
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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