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2021 Meeting Agendas

May 17, 2021 Agenda

Pinelands Letter 5/11/2021

Key Engineers Review Letter 5/11/2021

Exhibits from Mr. King

Exhibit Q-4

Exhibit Q-3

Exhibit Q-2

Exhibit Q-1

Exhibit Q

Exhibit P-1

Exhibit P-2

Exhibit P-3

Exhibit P-4

Exhibit P-5

Exhibit P-6

Key Engineers’ Review Letter 4-29-2021

Exhibit O-5

Exhibit O-4

Exhibit O-3

Exhibit O-2

Exhibit O-1

April 14 2021 Review Letter – Key Engineers

Exhibit N-6

Exhibit N-5

Exhibit N-4

Exhibit N-3

Exhibit N-2

Exhibit N-1

Exhibit M-1

Exhibit M-2

Exhibit M-3

Exhibit M-4

Exhibit M-5

Atco Auto Auction Exhibits A-K

Atco Auto Auction Exhibit L

2020-0312 ALTA Survey

2020-1030 IA2 Muni Impact Statement
2020-1030 IA2 Traffic Letter
2020-1030 IA200101 Site Plans
2020-1030 IA200101 Storm Report DS
2020-1030 Planning Report Final

2020-1105 176-40 Checklist – Prelim Major Site Plan – COMPLETE
2020-1105 Application cover letter
2020-1105 Email from Pinelands
2020-1105 Proposed Office Building Plan – Spec Package
2020-1105 Waterford Township Application – COMPLETE

2020-1106 Cover letters to Twp and SCD
2020-1106 Environmental review Letter
2020-1106 Inconsistent Certificate of Filing
2020-1106 Township Cover Letter

2020-1204 Site Plan Issue 4

2020-1207 Flood Report
2020-1207 IAA Operational Statement
2020-1207 Township Cover Letter

2021-0104 Modified access exhibit – COLOR

2021-0106 DSHLW revised letter
2021-0106 Sheet C0102 – Site Plan
2021-0106 Sheet C0302 – Grading and Utility Plan
2021-0106 Sheet C0702 – Landscape Lighting Plan
2021-0106 Township Cover Letter – Modified Access

2021-0107 Review letter from Waterford Twp

2021-0120 Atco Auto Auction Exhibits A-K

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