Automated Trash and Recycling Collection System

We are excited to announce that the Township of Waterford will launch our own trash and recycling program starting January 4, 2021.  This is a bold effort to more effectively and efficiently service our residents.

The program is designed to make it more cost effective and enhance the quality of services that meets the needs and expectations of our residents.   It is also expected to continue to make our environment more sustainable by keeping loose trash away from wildlife and prevent it from blowing in our roadways and neighborhoods.

Please take the time to read this informational brochure that has been delivered with your new carts, as it will answer many questions you may have.

However, should you have any questions, we encourage you to contact the Public Works Department at (856) 768-2300 x 220, via email at

The success of this program is, in large, based upon the cooperation of our residents, and your willingness to embrace the new system that will improve the quality of life and help protect the environment.  In Waterford Township, we take pride in providing our residents with more way to easily access “quality of life” services – we hope that with offering this service we can continue to keep Waterford Township Green and Clean.

Recycling Made Easy Quick Reference Guides

How to Use Your New Trash Cart

Your cart should be placed out for collection after 5:00pm the day before or by 5:00am the day of your scheduled collection.

Before moving the cart, grasp the handle and tilt the cart back slightly towards you.  Push or pull the cart to the edge of the street.  The carts are easy to move, but use care when rolling the cart on slopes, inclines or steps.  The handle of the cart must face your home.  The cart must have a 4-foot clearance around it to be picked up in a safe and proper manner.  Do not place the cart near mailboxes, parked cars, utility poles, trees/brush or other items that prevent clear access to the cart.

During spring and fall leaf collection or a snow storm, you will need to place your cart in a cleared area along your curb or driveway apron.  Carts that are not easily accessible will not be picked up.

The truck driver will only pick up Township issued carts.  He will not pick up trash placed along side of the cart nor will he pick up overloaded carts where trash may fall on the ground during the automated arm operation.  See example below.

Proper placement of trash/recycling carts

Use your mouse to flip the image to see how NOT to place or pack your carts.

Solid Waste Curbside Tips photo

Correct placement of trash carts


Incorrect placement of trash carts

Trash can closed - correct

What your cart should look like on collection day

Trash can overflowing - wrong

What your cart should NOT look like on collection day

Cart Care

The Automated Trash Collection System requires the use of a specially designed carts. REGULAR TRASH CANS CANNOT BE USED WITH THIS NEW SYSTEM.

Every home will be issued two (2) 96-gallon carts.  Carts with the black lid are for trash, and carts with the blue lid are for recycling. The carts that are issued are the only container that may be used.   The containers are designed to hold one (1) weeks’ worth of trash from a family of six who actively recycle.  Once you receive your new carts, you should not begin to using them until January 4, 2021.  Your old carts will be collected the last week of 2020.

The cart is the property of Waterford Township and all containers have a serial number that can be registered with Public Works in case it is ever stolen or damaged; to register please call Public Works with your address and the serial number from your carts.  If you move, the cart MUST REMAIN at the address where it is assigned.  If the cart is damaged, contact Public Works immediately Waterford Township will replace your cart in the event the cart is damaged by their employees/equipment.

If you need an additional cart, contact the Waterford Township Public Works Department at 856-768-2300 x 220, please note there is fee for an additional cart.

Household, Bulk & White Goods Disposal Information

What to Dispose of in the Cart

Your collection cart is for the disposal of only regular household trash. Please seal food waste in plastic bags. This helps to prevent odors and insect pests, especially during the summer months. Pet owners should double seal animal waste and cat litter in plastic bags.

What NOT to dispose of in the Cart

Please do not use your cart for disposing of the following items: recyclables, hot ashes, motor oil, solvents, paints, hazardous materials, dead animals, concrete, batteries, grass, leaves, dirt, brush and wood

White Goods / Metal

White goods / metal are appliances (refrigerators, freezers, grills, stoves, washers, dryers, etc.) and are picked up by the Waterford Township Public Works Department on Tuesdays. Pick up for these items need to be scheduled with Public Works by calling 856-768-2300 x 220, no later than
Monday at noon.

Bulk Pick Up

Bulk trash pick-up will continue to be one (1) time a month during the last full week of the month (a full week of the month is the last week which includes Monday to Friday of the same month). Construction and/or remodeling material is not bulk trash and is not collected by the Township or Servicer. If you have any questions please contact Public Works
(856) 768-2300 x 220

Bulk Items That Will Not Be Collected

The Township is not permitted to dispose of construction and remodeling materials at the incinerator. The Township will not collect debris such as pianos, hot tubs, paneling, insulation, decks, fences, railroad ties, bricks, concrete, roofing, etc. Contractors and homeowners are responsible for the removal and disposal of any construction and/or remodeling projects.

Recycling ​

Brush Recycling

Brush Recycling is collected the first full week of the month on your scheduled trash collection day.  Residents may put leaves, twigs, brush in their former yellow recycling cans (not weighing over 50lbs) or tied and bundled not to exceed 40lbs or 4ft in length and placed neatly at the curb.  Do not use your new trash cart for brush.


The program for recycling of bottles, plastic, metals and paper products will remain the same with the exception of the cart.  As with trash, push or pull the cart to the edge of the street.  The carts are easy to move, but use care when rolling the cart on slopes, inclines or steps.  The handle of the cart must face your home.  The cart must have a 4-foot clearance around it to be picked up in a safe and proper manner. 


Your cooperation and support are crucial to the safe, efficient and economical collections and disposal of solid waste and recyclables.

We are happy to be able to bring this service to you, and are confident our town will see a significant savings and improvement of service.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please call the Waterford Township Public Works Department at 856-768-2300 x 220 from 8:30am to 4:30pm or email us at

Download and keep this handy booklet